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Freedom of Choice is Around the Corner

There's a certain buzz in the air these days. You may have heard some of the rumours and gossip: that you don't need to buy electricity from the government anymore; that you can buy cheap electricity and even compare electricity...


EMA Project OptiWatt: ELECTRIFY.SG Inks Collaboration with EMA

ELECTRIFY.SG is delighted to play a larger role in Singapore’s energy landscape with our inclusion into Project OptiWatt, a programme about demand-side management (DSM) administered by the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA). In the coming year, ELECTRIFY.SG plans to introduce...


Planning a holiday? Save on your electricity consumption and save more for your trip. 

‘Tis the season for long vacations and before you book that holiday, how about reviewing your electricity bills. The key to a hassle-free break starts with simply, reducing your energy consumption. Big energy guzzlers like air-conditioners, lighting, washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators and water heaters easily consume up...


Opening the Black Box on Electricity Prices: Part 3 – Electricity Generation

Of Pipes, Tankers, Liquids, & Gas: Part 3 of this 3-part series concludes with an overview of Singapore’s sources of energy supplies.   History of electricity generation in Singapore (awfully briefly) The use of natural gas as fuel source for electricity generation...


Opening the Black Box on Electricity Prices: Part 2 – What Affects Our Electricity Prices?

Part 2 of this 3-part series further expounds on factors that may affect electricity prices in Singapore for the coming year or two, and today, we look at geopolitics.   Trump—Words & Actions (Mostly tweets though) The man of the...

SP Tariff Price

Opening the Black Box on Electricity Prices: Part 1 – SP Tariff Prices

A Discussion on Electricity prices in 3 Parts: Part 1 - SP Tariff Prices   In light of Singapore's Open Electricity Market (OEM), we've released a series of articles focused on the energy market. Through this journey, we'll understand how...