Electrify Demand Aggregation Scheme

Ever felt overwhelmed by the high operating costs of managing a development? Running a commercial property or a condominium is challenging enough, with tens—if not hundreds—of tenants’ expectations to manage, cleanliness to maintain, and public facilities to upkeep. What more...


Productivity Gains from an Energy-Efficient Workplace

Managing a company is not an easy feat. With operational costs escalating year by year, it’s important to keep all your bills in check, while making sure the company is profitable. Above all, promoting your employees' health and well-being to...

save on electricity bill

10 #LifeHacks to Help You Save on Electricity Bill

Modern society has made electricity an inevitable part of our daily lives—a valued commodity where we sometimes forget just how convenient and accessible it is to us. We usually only realise the damage we’ve done to our wallets when the...


OEM Electricity Retailers: Introducing the Players Behind the Scenes

Power up, Singaporeans! Get ready to make the switch. The Open Electricity Market (OEM) has recently been launched for residents in zones with postal codes starting from 58-78 on 1 November. Refer to the rollout schedule here to find out...

Electricity Fun Facts

5 Electricity Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know about Your Home

Take a look around your home and you’ll find that half of your stuff utilises electricity—from the lights, TV, air conditioner, computer, the kettle, refrigerator, microwave and more. Inevitably, your household energy consumption will increase as you progress deeper into...


4 Tips to Get the Most Out of a New Electricity Contract

Choosing an electricity contract can get complicated at times, but it doesn’t have to. At first glance, some offers may seem like irresistible, as Retailers often show tantalising offers that entice us the most. But are they too good to...

Guide to Switching Electricity Providers

Watt Next? Your Complete Guide to Switching Electricity Providers

With the Open Electricity Market recently launched on 1 November for residents with postal code starting with 58 - 78, we bet you just can’t wait for the day when you can finally say, “Sayonara!” to expensive electricity bills, and...

Electricity Bill

Electricity Bill: Understanding the Bold and Fine Prints

Getting an electricity bill shock isn't uncommon for us. But it is entirely avoidable… if we just read the fine prints of a contract before signing it. Yes, it's human nature to get too excited when we come across an...

Electricity Plans

Electrify Your Home, Your Way

Are you ready for the Open Electricity Market (OEM)? As the first retail electricity marketplace in Singapore, our goal is to help fellow Singaporeans make informed choices when buying electricity, as soon as OEM is rolled out on a national...

home appliances

8 Ways to Save on Home Appliances

Home appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and washers are mostly big-ticket but essential to every home. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you don’t spend more than you have to, especially in the long-run.   Save on Home Appliances...