Buy Electricity | Requirements:


1. Meet EMA’s contestability criteria

  • Electricity usage of at least 2000 kWh/month
  • Non-domestic electricity account
  • Business must be registered in Singapore


2. You currently pay your bills directly to SP Services or an electricity retailer


3. Search for a suitable plan for your business here

Buy Electricity | Points to note:

1. Billing period
Do find out from your retailer which day of the month will you be billed. Some retailers impose a late-payment fee.

2. Security Deposit
Most retailers require you to place a deposit before you start your contract. This is usually expressed in number of months’ worth of your electricity bills.

3. Payment methods
Common payment modes include credit card, cheque, and bank transfer.

4. Length of contract
Contract lengths are usually 1-year or 2-year long.

5. Early Termination Penalty
Similar to telcos, it is common for retailers impose a penalty if you decide to terminate your contract prematurely.

6. Relocation of premises
Some retailers are able to waive the early termination penalties in event of business relocation, on condition that you sign up with the same retailer for your new business premises.

Electricity Retailers in Singapore:

Keppel ElectricSembcorp PowerTuas PowerSenoko EnergySeraya EnergyPacificLight Energy
Diamond EnergyHyflux EnergyRed Dot PowerSun ElectricSunseap EnergyBuri Energy
Best ElectricityI SwitchVirtuse GroupEnvironmental SolutionsCharis ElectricUnion Power
Energy Supply SolutionsJust ElectricSmartCity EnergyMyElectricityValuEnergySilverCloud Energy

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