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Published on: 04/12/2018

Power up, Singaporeans! Get ready to make the switch. The Open Electricity Market (OEM) has recently been launched for residents in zones with postal codes starting from 58-78 on 1 November. Refer to the rollout schedule here to find out when you’re eligible to switch.

With the launch of the OEM, homeowners can now choose to buy electricity from private retailers, but only from those participating in the OEM as authorised by EMA. So, in no particular order, introducing the players behind the scenes! *Cues drum roll*


OEM Electricity Retailers

1. Best Electricity

OEM Electricity Retailers Best Electricity

Founded in 2015, Best Electricity offers competitive electricity price plans to help businesses and residential consumers lower electricity costs. Today, they power thousands of business premises in Singapore from small establishments to large-scale commercial buildings. They service a diverse client portfolio, including town councils, banks and businesses in F&B, retail, logistics, manufacturing, wholesale, finance and more.

Best Electricity prides themselves as an innovative and dynamic energy company that delivers great value to all electricity consumers in Singapore. Their team is dedicated to providing best in class solutions at competitive prices to home and business owners.

(Source: Best Electricity Supply Pte Ltd)


2. Diamond Electric by Diamond Energy Merchants

OEM Electricity Retailers Diamond Electric

Diamond Electric is an established smart energy solutions provider in Singapore. By using their expertise in technology, they make electricity affordable and accessible to all Singaporean homes and businesses. Their team works tirelessly to offer affordable electricity without compromise—the same great service at an incredible rate. Sustainability is at the heart of everything Diamond Electric does, and they are committed to providing the utmost value through their electricity plans and services.

(Source: Diamond Energy Merchants Pte Ltd)


3. ES Power

OEM Electricity Retailers ES Power

ES Power is Singapore’s first carbon neutral electricity retailer; and a subsidiary of Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd, a company with over 18 years in the sustainability business.

ES Power offers the benefit of carbon neutrality to achieve a Zero-Carbon footprint from electricity consumption. While supporting and enhancing the sustainability initiatives of businesses, their electricity plans cater to the entire spectrum of businesses such as SMEs, startups, large enterprises, landlords and MCSTs, and social enterprises.

Designed to favour the consumers, their electricity plans are focused on the 2 main elements: (1) maximum savings and (2) protection from the price fluctuations in the electricity market.

(Source: Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd)


4. Geneco by Seraya Energy

OEM Electricity Retailers Geneco

Geneco is Seraya Energy’s retail energy brand with 47 years of experience in power generation since 1971. Their “Power to Empower” manifesto stems from the United Kingdom, where Geneco UK—part of the wider YTL Group of companies—has been acclaimed for its work in recycling and renewable energy. Geneco has 17 years of award-winning customer service in electricity retailing since 2001, and more than 18 years of international energy expertise.

(Source: Geneco by Seraya Energy)


5. iSwitch

OEM Electricity Retailers iSwitch

iSwitch is a member of the RCMA group, a respected player in the global commodity and energy sectors with an annual turnover in excess of US$1 billion. Their goal is to empower consumer choice by giving you more options to better manage your energy costs. Thus, with consumers in mind, they develop a suite of price plans, each with a different level of flexibility designed to help you achieve cost savings while enjoying the same, reliable electricity supply from Singapore’s national power grid.

(Source: iSwitch Pte Ltd)


6. Keppel Electric

OEM Electricity Retailers Keppel Electric

Keppel Electric is Singapore’s first homegrown electricity retailer with more than 17 years of experience in powering the national electricity grid. They are committed to delivering competitive electricity plans that best meet your everyday needs; bringing you greater value, flexibility, convenience, and reliability. To date, they have served over 11,000 satisfied clients, including multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and government bodies.

(Source: Keppel Electric Pte Ltd)


7. Ohm Energy

OEM Electricity Retailers Ohm

Ohm believes that having electricity should be simple, easy and low-cost. As such, they’ve teamed up with SP group so that consumers get the same customer service, and utility bill they were getting before. That means when you sign up with Ohm, you will continue getting the same great power and service at a fair price, without complications.

(Source: Ohm Energy Pte Ltd)


8. PacificLight

OEM Electricity Retailers PacificLight

PacificLight is a Singapore-based power generator and electricity retailer committed to helping its customers effectively and simply manage their energy needs.

PacificLight’s power plant operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is capable of powering over 1,000,000 Singapore households. They deliver reliable and sustainable electricity that meets stringent environmental emission standards. Fuelled by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), their power plant is one of the most efficient and modern power plants in Singapore.

(Source: PacificLight Pte Ltd)


9. Sembcorp Power

OEM Electricity Retailers Sembcorp

Sembcorp has powered businesses both large and small in Singapore over the last 15 years. The beginning of their utility business dates back to 1995 when they made their first utilities investment in Singapore. Since then, they have been a key pillar to the success of Jurong Island as one of the world’s leading energy and chemical industrial hubs, and they contributed to Singapore’s journey towards water sustainability.

With facilities across five continents, they are vital partners offering energy and water solutions to businesses, governments and communities.

(Source: Sembcorp Power)


10. Senoko Energy

OEM Electricity Retailers Senoko

Senoko Energy is Singapore’s largest power generation company, with over 3300MW of generation capacity. Since 1976, they have been reliably serving Singapore’s electricity needs. Today, Senoko not only delivers electricity to the national electricity grid, but they also offer retail energy packages to contestable customers through their subsidiary Senoko Energy Supply.

(Source: Senoko Energy Pte Ltd)


11. Sunseap Energy

OEM Electricity Retailers Sunseap

Sunseap Energy is part of the Sunseap Group of companies, specialising in solar energy generation and retail. They offer competitive electricity plans to power businesses and guaranteed savings of at least 20% off the SP Tariff. With varied GoEco plans that make off-site solar energy accessible, consumers can enjoy savings while supporting the green movement.

Since incorporation, Sunseap Energy has supplied energy to thousands of consumers in Singapore, and enabled Apple to achieve 100% clean energy status for its local operations.


12. Tuas Power

OEM Electricity Retailers Tuas Power

Tuas Power is the first retailer to secure electricity contracts as the market liberalised. Additionally, it continues to be an innovative electricity solutions provider by being the first to launch an energy efficiency programme for its customers. They pride themselves as the forerunner in the complex and highly sophisticated landlord-tenant segment.

(Source: Tuas Power Ltd)


13. Union Power

OEM Electricity Retailers Union Power

Union Power Pte Ltd is a member of Union Energy Group (UEG). They believe in achieving sustainable success as a Group by prioritising the long-term interests of its People (partners, employees, and customers).

As an electricity retailer, Union Power aims to understands your needs and is committed to helping businesses manage energy costs in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner.

(Source: Union Power Pte Ltd)


The OEM is a major leap forward for Singapore, as the electricity market liberalises. But with 13 retailers and more than 50 plans to choose from, how do you make sure you find the right plan that meets all your consumption needs?

Electrify to the rescue! We are Singapore’s first retail electricity marketplace to help household and business consumers to compare energy prices with ease. Visit ELECTRIFY.SG or drop us a note at [email protected] to find out more information.



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