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Published on: 03/05/2019

Here’s a fun fact: globally, nature provides services worth approximately $125 trillion a year (source). In spite of this, we often forget that we depend on nature for every single thing—from the air we breathe to the food we love, and the water we drink! Simply put, when nature thrives, so do we.

However, the impact of human activity is pushing nature to the brink. And it is up to us to play our part to secure the future of our shared home. Every decision we make—no matter how big or small—has the power to save our planet.

So how can you, as a business organization, help pave the way for a better future? The key is to commit to earth-friendly acts and make more sustainable choices around the office to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.


Go Green with Electricity

A simple green habit goes a long way. With these easy energy-saving tips, you’re not only reducing carbon emissions, but also conserving energy and ultimately, saving on your company’s electricity bills.


1. Unplug your devices

Switching off your devices doesn’t mean that energy is no longer consumed. Halt energy bleeding by switching off power sockets and unplugging all your devices as you call it a day.


2. Invest in smart power strips

Greening Offices

Image source: Amazon

Unplugging every day is too much work? Invest in smart power strips and you’ll never have to worry about energy bleeding again. Smart power strips are designed to help you waste less power, by completely cutting off the power to your devices. Basically, you set it, forget about it, and save money.


3. Install motion-activated light switches

Sometimes old habits die hard, or we simply forget to switch lights off when not in use. This should be an easy fix: consider installing motion-activated light switches to automatically switch lights off when the room is vacant.


4. Embrace natural sunlight

Greening Offices

Image source: Unsplash

Keep your shades open during daylight hours to let as much sunlight pouring in as possible. By doing so, you minimise the need for indoor lights, hence, consume much lesser energy.


5. Switch to LED bulbs

Greening Offices

Image source: Unsplash

What makes LED bulbs the superior, more eco-friendly alternative to traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs? Not only are they 80% more energy-efficient, they are also three times longer lasting. By using LEDs, you are effectively cutting costs from the number of bulb replacements you buy in a year, and reducing your carbon footprint, since LEDs are non-toxic and recyclable.


6. Enable power-saving or sleep mode

Enable power-saving mode on your devices. It doesn’t just help preserve your device’s battery life, it also reduces energy consumption when these devices are not in use.


7. Switch to solar power

Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment towards sustainability by powering your business with clean energy—all while significantly lowering your electricity bills. Think finding a plan that suits your organisation’s consumption needs is challenging? Send us your details here or talk to our energy consultants at [email protected] for assistance.


Other Green Habits

Reducing carbon footprint doesn’t just come from using less electricity. Here are a few other green habits you can practice in the office to promote sustainability.


1. Go digital

Greening Offices

Image source: Unsplash

Given the digital age we live in now, this shouldn’t be difficult to implement. From cloud storage services to digital pay stubs, the need for paper and printers in the workplace has drastically decreased.


2. Segregate your trash

Help your employees become eco-warriors by segregating your trash into recyclables and organic wastes, and labelling them clearly. While most people are aware of the benefits of recycling, many are still confused as to what can and can’t go into recycling bins. Sending out refresher emails every now and then will help employees stay mindful.


3. Use reusable silverware and utensils

Greening Offices

Image source: Unsplash

Cut down on plastic and paper waste during company lunches by replacing disposable utensils with reusable silverware.


4. Incentivise green efforts

When it comes to going green, changing human behaviour is the biggest challenge. Be sure to include employee appreciation and incentive programmes to reward those who make a constant effort to go green.


5. Decorate the office with plants

Greening Offices

Image source: Unsplash

Apart from its aesthetic value, office plants also help reduce your office’s carbon emissions, as well as purify the air.


6. Set up a sustainability team

The likelihood of individual employees going green on their own is low. As the saying goes, there’s strength in numbers. Round up your eco-minded employees and set up a sustainability team. Together, they can brainstorm and propose green ideas to the office decision makers, and put systems in place to monitor how these initiatives impact the office.


What other creative green initiatives do you have in place for your office? Share with us and all our other readers in the comments below.

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