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Published on: 20/03/2019

Managing a company is not an easy feat. With operational costs escalating year by year, it’s important to keep all your bills in check, while making sure the company is profitable. Above all, promoting your employees’ health and well-being to keep your organization at its tip-top performance is equally crucial.

Sounds like a lot of responsibilities on your plate. But there is another way to better manage them. The solution? An energy-efficient workplace. Since electricity bills are one of the highest cost of maintaining an office, improving energy efficiency can result in considerable cost savings, and at the same time, increased productivity.

Below are some tips you can implement in your office:


1. Maintain thermal comfort

Nobody likes to work in a hot environment—it makes us lethargic and unfocused. But excessive cold temperatures hinder our productivity, too.

A study done by Cornell University, in Ithica, New York, shows that employees make 44% more errors and are half as productive in a 20°C working environment as opposed to when they are in a comfortable 25°C workplace. Because when our body temperature drops, we use more energy to keep ourselves warm than to concentrate.

Maintain room temperature at a comfortable level, between 24°C and 26°C. Turning up your temperature doesn’t just keep the room cool enough for employees to function optimally, it also helps you save on electricity bills, by using significantly lesser energy.


2. Improve your lighting

Living in sunny Singapore has made the Sun our nemesis, due to the excessive heat and perspiration. But the right amount of sunlight is actually beneficial for us, as it stimulates our skin to produce Vitamin D, or sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin”.

Vitamin D is packed with health benefits that are essential in fighting off diseases and improving our immune system. Some studies even show that adequate exposure to sunlight can result in 46 minutes more sleep time per night (who doesn’t want more sleep?).

Maximise and tap on natural sunlight wherever possible. This shouldn’t be a problem, since Singapore is blessed with lots of UVAs and UVBs all year round. And by doing so, you are also minimising the need to turn on indoor lights, hence, reducing energy consumption.

Speaking of indoor lights, you can also consider switching your traditional lights such as fluorescent and incandescent lights to LEDs. An LED bulb is 80% more energy efficient, as 95% of its energy is converted to light and the other 5% to heat; as opposed to traditional lights where 95% of energy is converted to heat and only 5% is converted to light.

In other words, a 36-watt LED can replace an 84-watt fluorescent and still give the same level of light! This is because LEDs have better light distribution—it focuses light in one direction rather than in all directions like traditional lights. When lights are emitted in all directions, it causes energy wastage by illuminating areas that don’t actually require light, such as the ceiling.


3. Switch off appliances when not in use

Make it a habit to switch lights off as you leave the room. If you think old habits die hard, you can install motion sensor lightings that automatically turn lights off when the room is vacant.

This doesn’t just apply to lights but computers, too. Set your computer to power saving mode, so that it automatically switches to ‘sleep’ when it senses inactivity for a certain amount of time.


4. Track your consumption

Ultimately, maximising savings is all about understanding your usage pattern. Consider installing IoT devices to help you track and monitor your real-time energy consumption throughout the day. That way, you’ll have detailed insights on what electrical appliance uses the most energy; and how you can implement conservation efforts to reduce energy usage.


5. Switch to an electricity retailer

Last but not least, consider switching to an electricity retailer—if you have not done so—to save up to 28% on your electricity bill. Even if you have made the switch, finding a plan customised to your company’s consumption need makes a huge difference.


Think finding the right plan is a challenge? Get in touch with us and let our energy consultants do all the heavy lifting for you! We are Singapore’s first retail electricity marketplace to help businesses source for the best energy plans that meet your consumption needs. All you have to do is submit your latest electricity bill to us and we will get back to you with a few recommended plans.

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